Point of Sale – the attention grabber

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DYNAMIC GRAPHIC DESIGN and HIGH QUALITY PRINTED P.O.S.   Retailers increase business with P.O.S. Also known as Point of Purchase (P.O.P.), P.O.S. advertising is persuasive. Serving as the last three feet of the marketing plan, P.O.S. advertising is the only mass medium executed at the critical point of confluence for the three elements needed for […]

Your Brain on Beer vs. Coffee

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We’ve been helping coffee companies market their products for years, so when we saw this article on Design Taxi’s website, we couldn’t help wanting to share it. Now we’ve got to pick up some beer business. Infographic: Your Brain On Beer VS Coffee American-based Japanese coffee lover Ryoko Itawa of ‘I Love Coffee’ came across the article ‘Coffee VS […]

CMYK Lightbulb That Casts Colored Shadows

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Netherlands-based English designer Dennis Parren created a light bulb that casts colored shadows. To create the white light source of the ‘CMYK Bulb’, Parren combined red-, green- and blue-colored LEDs into one. As opposed to the usual black, the bulb casts mesmerizing shadows in cyan, magenta and yellow colors. A lamp shade to accompany the bulb was also created, which […]

Newsweek’s Last Print Cover

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A Poetic Goodbye: Newsweek’s Last Print Cover Features A Hashtag After announcing that it would be going all digital in October, Newsweek has tweeted an early version of what will be the last print cover – and it features a hashtag.

Why Great Ideas Get Rejected

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Have you ever debuted an exciting new idea to the world only to receive a lukewarm or even highly critical response? Well, get used to it. Mounting evidence shows that we all possess an inherent bias against creativity. The good news is there’s something we can do about it. “For a work to be truly […]

The Art of Logo Design

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“Logo”, “Brand”, “Icon”. What’s it all about you ask? Here’s a 6 1/2 minute video that attempts to put it all in perspective.