Our ad agency has been associated with Harvey and VisionWorks for the past 12 years.  In that time, Harvey has helped us create award winning advertising for many of our clients.  Harvey has a knack for taking my germ of an idea and turning it into something not only I but our clients applaud. But apart from being a terrific and very talented ad director/designer, Harvey is genuinely one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Bob Tamburri, Partner
Christensen Tamburri Advertising


Dear Harvey,

I would like to express my appreciation for all you have done for our company. Your experience and knowledge in the areas of graphic design and production for packaging, point of purchase, promotional literature, and advertising have been an invaluable asset to us.

Your willingness to work as though part of our team, offering your expertise and honest opinions, has earned my respect and friendship. Approaching all design challenges from a strategic marketing perspective, VisionWorks Unlimited has consistently emphasized the importance of creating and maintaining the brand, thereby bringing a professional level of sophistication to the presentation of our products and our company’s marketing efforts.

Your company has always delivered powerful graphic design, on time and within budget. Furthermore, you have personally been a valued advisor and consultant, frequently participating in our company’s packaging, marketing, and advertising decisions.

Thank you, Harvey. I look forward to many years of continued collaboration and friendship.

Chris Roche, President
American Instants, Inc.


Our agency has been working alongside Harvey Barry for over 12 years with tremendous success.  Harvey is a master of many things, but two of which stand out are his relentless dedication to establishing and preserving a client’s graphic image, and his ability to counsel clients beyond graphics, well into the broader world of marketing strategies.  When added to his superior design capabilities, these bonus factors help make Harvey a rare professional in today’s impersonal, e-saturated communications society.

Don Christensen, Partner
Christensen Tamburri Communications


Dear Harvey,

Please use this letter as testimonial to the power of graphics, branding, and marketing. During our association with VisionWorks Unlimited we have witnessed the growth of our branded program. The time, money, and energy we have expended with your firm are now paying the dividends we had hoped. We would not have been able to accomplish these things had it not been for your firm. The experience, direction, and counseling you have provided made the difference.

I hope you use our firm as a reference for any company who wishes to use your services. I look forward to our continued relationship.

Very Truly Your,
David M. Mendez, President
W. B. Law & Son, Inc.


Harvey is a consummate professional and never fails to deliver both creative and technically savvy designs and illustrations.

He is very experienced and excells at art direction and creative project management.

Pete Kooiker
PERFECT i-site


Harvey brings 100% commitment and a contagious enthusiasm to every project he puts his talents to. I was fortunate enough to work under his direction as a wee-pup in my very first “real job” as a graphic designer, and I still remember him fondly as a conscientious and respectful lead.

Kat Weiss
Katapult Creative